About Us

Our vision at CYVYS is to elevate the trust in digital services so that digitalization can be accelerated, and more prosperity and socio-economic development can be achieved.

We do that by creating an effective cybersecurity ecosystem, placing the right emphasis on the “human factor” which we believe is the essential factor slowing down the adoption of digital services today.

We are on a mission to enable the next generation of digital services developers, users, and security engineers through an ecosystem consisting of:

Different educational programs to students and employees on infrastructure management, secure development, and ethical hacking

Penetration testing with the assistance of a crowdsourced platform, leveraging the new generation of cybersecurity experts

Assisting organizations in searching for the best possible talents worthy of securing and managing their digital infrastructure

What We Do

For Organizations

We offer organizations in all sectors services focused on cybersecurity education and assessment:

  • Penetration testing through a crowdsourced bug bounty platform powered by expert researchers and graduates from our ethical hacking education programs
  • Training on best practices of secure code development
  • Training on management and operation of security operation centers
  • Security awareness training in localized languages
  • Cybersecurity talents outsourcing
  • IT security risk management
For Universities

We complement universities curriculum by offering programs that bring practical experience to students and prepare them to build successful careers. We offer:

  • Basic and advanced materials, educating students on how to become ethical hackers
  • Customized practical materials and access to labs to support the theoretical courses
  • Participation in real life cases of penetration testing through a bug bounty platform
  • Close collaboration with universities career counseling departments to find jobs and internship opportunities for fresh graduates
For Students

Computer Science and Engineering students have the opportunity to graduate with practical skills to start a career in cybersecurity while getting rewarded for doing so. We can help with:

  • Training on developing secure code and ethical hacking
  • Accessing labs with regular contests to build skills and reputation
  • Joining a platform with rewards for identified security bugs in organizations’ infrastructure
  • Becoming part of a community of cybersecurity experts with access to job opportunities

How We Do It


We educate students and professionals on cybersecurity to enable a new generation of developers, users and security engineers


Our expert researchers and new graduates collaborate and compete to discover and remedy security backdoors in organizations’ digital services


Accelerate Digital Transformations with more trust in digital services and more skilled resources to maintain its security


We play a crucial role in developing new opportunities for people by combining adoption and creation of digitalized services

Bug Bounty Platform

Powered by expert researchers and our ethical hackers graduates

CyVys is proud to announce the launch of the first bug bounty platform in the Middle East with threat hunters from the region. Bug hunting is the next big thing in penetration services and is being adopted by companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, and many large organizations and governmental institutions around the world. Our launch in the Middle East takes into consideration the market specific needs for such services and leverages local experts who have a passion to bring better cybersecurity to their region.

What is a bug bounty program?


A bug bounty program is a type of penetration testing service done by a selected group of threat hunters who get rewarded for discovered vulnerabilities only. Such programs have demonstrated superior efficiency than traditional pen-testing services which charge by the number of consulting days or hours with no real incentive for uncovering all existing risks.

There are two types of programs that can be launched through CyVys platform:


  • A classical bug bounty program where organizations set an award value per bug severity level
  • A fixed cost bug bounty program specifically curated for the first time run to establish a baseline. This is where organizations set a fixed budget that gets split among all discovered vulnerabilities, no matter how many are found

Why should you run a bug bounty program with us?


  • Get a large crowd of expert threat hunters to compete in finding vulnerabilities in your systems and pay only the ones who find real problems
  • Our threat hunters are carefully selected through a comprehensive vetting process
  • We review every submitted vulnerability to ensure quality and avoid duplication
  • Our pricing model suits organizations of any size
  • Threat hunting is only the start. Join our community to benefit from other innovative services our crowd of experts will launch
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